Warninks Advocaat LiqueurWarninks Advocaat liqueur


Advocaat LiqueurThe Erven Warninks company was established in 1616 and was one of the original producers of advocaat.

Since then, Warninks have built their reputation on an unrivalled insistence on quality. In 1995 Erven Warninks merged with De Kuyper Royal Distillers.


40 million fresh eggs a year are used in the production of Warninks Advocaat. The egg whites are separated from the yolks which are then mixed with brandy, sugar and vanilla.


Warninks is the brand leader and outsells all other advocaats. It is the largest manufacturer of quality advocaat in the world. Warninks is a smooth velvety drink with a creamy texture and is enjoyed by thousands of people for whom it continues to be the definitive advocaat.


Warninks won a Gold Medal in the 2001 International Wine & Spirit Competition. Warninks is the essential ingredient for the classic "Snowball" cocktail - made with Warninks, topped up with lemonade and a dash of lime. For cocktail recipes and more visit: www.in-the-spirit.co.uk




Nosing / Tasting

Warninks Advocaat Liqueur


Warninks is a smooth velvety drink with a creamy texture.

Vivid yellow

Nose: Pronounced aromas of fresh egg, vanilla, custard and cinnamon.
Taste: Full-bodied and sweet with a custard-like consistency and creamy texture. Intensely eggy with a rich "brandy butter" character.